Sales Preparation

Maluka Thoroughbreds has a strong emphasis on sales preparation. Mags’ experience and expertise through the deeds of managing yearlings at Cambridge Stud for a decade, allows Maluka to provide a top quality service. The weanling/yearling will be conditioned for body type and monitored for correctness of limb and we will ensure he/she is of a continuous happy and relaxed disposition.

Your weanling will be closely monitored by Luke and Mags on a daily basis. Our hands on management will give your weanling the best possible chance to maximize his or her potential.

Your yearling will be part of an individualised programme that includes conditioning specifically for body type through nutrition and exercise.

Corrective trimming and shoeing will also ensure your yearling has every possible chance to appeal when inspected.

We are very focused on the temperament of the horse and ensure that your horse will be 100% happy within his/ her routine and environment.

By having your investment in this relaxed state, it reduces undue stress leading to unwanted habits, possible injury, weight loss, stomach ulcers and a general inability to thrive.

If you would like more information about the sales preparation, drop us a line and we will contact you shortly.
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    - Sir Patrick Hogan

       owner, Cambridge Stud
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       Champion Trainer and owner of Dormello Stud
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